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Scott Bolendz is an award-winning photography workshop instructor. The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts honored him with their "Instructor of the Year" Award in 2018 for his dedication, passion and excellence in teaching photography students at the museum.  Scott has many years of experience teaching both large and small group workshops, as well as private consulting with individual students.

For more information about his workshops, private consulting and other teaching opportunities (including business meetings and special events), you can contact him through this website's contact page, call/text him at (727) 709-7300 or email him directly at [email protected].

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This 2-hour workshop is an introduction to the exciting world of smartphone photography.  Students will learn the fundamentals of taking a good photograph, review smartphone camera functions and photo-editing features, explore popular third-party photo-editing apps and discover other camera-related accessories.  This course is designed for people who want to improve their skills and understanding of smartphone photography in order to take better—and more artful—pictures of people, places and things.


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Do you have a passion for travel?  Do you wish you could take better photographs of your vacations, explorations and adventures?  Do you want to be inspired with fresh ideas to make more creative—and unforgettable—images?  If so, this workshop is for you!  Embark on a fun, story-filled, interactive, 2-hour workshop that will teach students how to select appropriate camera gear (including smartphones!) for different kinds of travel, how to plan ahead to be more productive with your time, review practical photography tips and explore 20 creative ideas for getting those priceless shots of people, places and things (with many examples!).  Students will also review several types of photo editing software (both smartphone and computer-based) to make those priceless shots look even better! 


8 Kindred8 Kindred Eternity's PrecipiceEternity's Precipice

In this 3-hour workshop, students will review the core fundamnetals of what makes a stron, compelling black and white image (with many examples!), explore different types of monochromatic photography, and also learn about the creative role and application of dodging and burning techniques, vignettes, textures, high contrast and soft-focus features. This course is designed for users of both smartphones and digital cameras. Students will learn how to capture images directly in black and white on their smartphones with specialized apps, learn how to convert color images into monochrome, and also explore state of the art black and white photo editing software for both smartphone and digital computer-based post-production workflows. There will be live classroom demonstrations where students will have an opportunity to see their own images being processed during group learning.